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I have been Internet and/or affiliate marketing since 2003 and began Pinkham Communications in 2005. I reside in Wyoming and manage several domains, supplying Hosting, Digital Products, Traffic Resources, Lead Generation and other IM Services. I’ve also worked both Brick and Mortar and Online Marketing Companies over the years. Some with Very High Conversion Rates. I most definitely do not know it ALL when it comes to Marketing on or off line. In an ever changing field such as it is, I’d say anyone woud be hard pressed to make such a claim. But what I do know… I am willing and eager to share with others. I also have gathered/collected some resources over time that may benefit a few who are endeavoring to start earning online.

I Welcome All, and in fact, am still learning all the time:-)
When I was much younger, (Don’t go there:-)) I was once told the
best way to learn was to teach. I found it to be true in more than
one field I’ve pursued!

Who can this Blog Help and Who can Help Me as Well?